For the live performances of Being Dufay, Ambrose and John are joined by video artist and filmmaker Michael Lynch
About the films
When creating this set of seven films, I decided at the outset that as the subject matter was rooted in the fifteenth century, any specifically modern images could easily clash with the music. The only exception is the opening film, which begins with a medieval music manuscript, and by an appropriately circuitous route, ends with the circuit board of a mobile phone. Although many of the elements have a timeless quality, they have a range of modern creative techniques applied to them which place the result firmly in the here and now. 
Michael Lynch
Being Dufay Live
Live reconstruction: music
The electronics for Being Dufay are generated live in performance from the exisiting musical source. Ambrose has total freedom of articulation of phrase and line, due to custom made interactive technology. John can then interpret and articulate the pieces freely, without restrictions of timing.
The live performance retains the delicate complexity of the studio album, yet will be different in each venue.
The live system is created using Pure Data, a freeware media programming language by Miller Puckette.