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5/5 Performance    5/5 Production.
BBC Music Magazine. 06.09 edition
“Mesmerising and quite beautiful (5/5)”
ClassicFM Magazine. 06.09 edition
“One of the most hauntingly beautiful records of the year.” 14.05.09  read whole review
“Being Dufay combines Early music and Electronics not only acoustically but also conceptually, and opens completely new spaces. I was very impressed by this extraordinary production.”
Radio SWR-2, Germany
“Interlocking tonal nuances of fragile beauty, without equal.” 04.02.09
“Beautiful and thought-provoking soundscapes.” read whole article
“Timeless melodies float through pulsating electronica.”
New Zealand Herald. 24.02.09
“Canções e motetes do século XV a ambientes do presente, moldados por ferramentas electrónicas”
Diario de Noticias, Portugal. 29.03.09.  Read
“The sound is characteristically immaculate, with outstanding depth and presence.” : read review
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